(operated by Blue Danube Holidays) is a long established travel company having been in operations since 1983. Our mission statement is to provide unique and intellectually stimulating products with excellent value for the money. We pride ourselves on being the specialists to Europe with intimate, first hand knowledge of the destiantions. We are the only North American Company representing all (32) countries of Continental Europe plus the Mediterranean.

Travel Accreditations

American Society of Travel Agents    900256733
Cruise Lines International Association    00563643

California: CST    2132400-40
Florida: FLA Seller of Travel Ref. No.    ST41275
Iowa: Travel Agency No.    1453
Washington: Seller of Travel No.    604267065

Country Escorted Tours Independent Tours Cruises
Albania --- May-Sep -
Austria May-Oct Year-Round May-Dec
Belgium May-Sep Year-Round Apr-May
Bulgaria May-Sep Year-Round June-Aug
Croatia May-Oct Year-Round Apr-Oct
Czech Republic May-Sep Year-Round -
Denmark - Year-Round -
Egypt Year-Round Year-Round Year-Round
Estonia - May- Sep -
France Year-Round Year-Round -
Finland - May-Sep -
Germany May-Sep Year-Round Apr-Dec
Greece Year-Round Year-Round Apr-Oct 
Holland May-Sep Year-Round Apr-Oct
Hungary - Year-Round May-Dec
Italy Year-Round Year-Round -
Latvia - May-Sep -
Lithuania - May-Sep -
Luxembourg - - Aug-Oct
Norway May-Sep Year-Round -
Poland Apr-Oct Year-Round -
Portugal Year-Round Year-Round May-Oct
Romania Apr-Oct Year-Round May-Nov
Russia May-Oct Year-Round May-Oct
Slovakia May-Sep Year-Round May-Nov
Slovenia May-Oct - -
Spain Year-Round Year-Round -
Switzerland Apr-Oct Year-Round -
Sweden May-Sep Year-Round -
Turkey Year-Round Year-Round May-Oct
Serbia - Year-Round Apr-Oct