Over this bustling capital city presides the magnificent Parthenon atop the Acropolis, constantly reminding us of this ancient city's unforgettable past, combining the old with the new.  The Plaka, the oldest sector of the city, its night life, the sidewalk cafes, and the Apollo coast, with its numerous beaches only 30 minutes from downtown, is all here for the visitor to enjoy.

mykonos coastline


Apart from it's recent role as the trendiest Aegean island, boasting numerous resorts, clubs, restaurants and boutiques, Mykonos has surprisingly retained the characteristic charm of a port town.  Nothing can detract from the beauty of its landscape, its photogenic churches and windmills, and its sandy beaches.  The sacred island of Delos, once the Sanctuary of Apollo, is just a short boat ride away.


Santorini is totally unlike any other place on earth.  The original circular island was blown apart nearly 3,000 years ago by a fierce volcanic eruption.  Today one can only look and wonder at the beauty created by natural destruction.  The main town of Fira is clustered along the cliff edge and plunges almost 900 feet into the sea. Santorini is not only sheer cliffs, for its outer coast has incredibly long volcanic beaches.  The major archeological site of Akrotiri, where part of a Minoan settlement is being excavated may prove to be a new Pompeii.



The largest of the Greek islands, Crete was once the home of the Minoan Civilization.  It is at Knossos, a few miles from the busy port city of Heraklion, that Sir Arthur Evans excavated the Palace of King Minos.  Heraklion also houses one of Greece's most famous archeological museums where an almost complete history of art from Neolithic to Roman times are on display.  There are some superb beaches and resorts on this island.

knossos custom house
rhodes harbour


The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes exemplifies a well preserved crusader city.  Here, the narrow streets are unchanged with their Medieval Inns, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the city walls, originally built by the Knights of the Order of St. John, which surrounds the Old Town.  Yet on the other side of the island, in Lindos, everything is recognizable as ancient and classical.  There are at least 10 beautiful beaches that one can explore.  There is also a daily ferry service from Rhodes to Marmaris (Turkey).


One of the most attractive of the Cycladic islands, it offers numerous white, sandy beaches throughout the coast, while the interior is almost entirely taken up by Mt. Profitis Elias.  It has an interesting archaeological  museum and amongst its many treasures is the Wingless Victory.  Although not yet as well-known as Mykonos or Santorini, Paros offers a vivid night life and interesting boutiques.

paros naoussa street



This beautiful island is full of charm and compared to other Cycladic Islands is still unexplored and "uncommercial."  It has some of the finest beaches in Greece, and for those seeking privacy, this is the place.  Lord Byron called Naxos his "dream island" and it has since become many other people's idea of a Greek island paradise.  Strongly recommended for Honeymooners.



One of the most beautiful Cycladic islands, Andros has 200 beaches, 20 biotopes and high mountains with a rare flora and numerous paths for walking.  This "green" island is famous for its numerous water springs, considered to be of the highest quality in Greece.  Hora, the capital and jewel of Andros was built on a cape extending between two beautiful beaches.   The city is characterized by neoclassical buildings in excellent condition, narrow alleys, picturesque arcades and lovely squares.



The traditional island mentality in combination with the historical monuments and the natural sites, makes Syros the ideal choice for your vacations.  Wandering around Syros you will come across settlements, such as the famed and verdant region of Galissas as well as the beautiful coastal village of Possidonia (or Delagratisia), not to mention Finikas, Kini, Megas Gialos, Vari, Ano Syros and numerous other settlements that are gifted with amazing beaches, verdurous sites and traditional aspects.


A unique island, with high, craggy mountains, that cut sharply down to the sea.  Amorgos is situated in the eastern Cyclades close to the Dodecanese.  The island reflects images of the many periods of the history of Greece Marble statuettes, ceramics and metalwork found on the island, dating back to the high level of art, and importance of the island as a center of the Cycladic civilization in this ancient period.


Locally called Nios, this is and island whose history goes back to prehistoric times.  The "poet of poets," the "god-like" Homer was buried here according to Herodotus.  Above the pretty harbor of Ormos, where fishing-boats and yachts bob at anchor, stands the capital of Ios or Hora.  The town stands on the site of the ancient city of the same name and is a typical Cycladic settlement, with whitewashed houses, narrow alleys and chapels.  The whole beautiful image is rounded off with the bulk of the medieval castle and the row of windmills, which top the town.


This remote Cycladic island, tucked between Ios and Milos, is one of the quietest, most secluded Greek Island you could wish to find.  Sikinos will win you over as you discover the island's inner most secrets and beauties.  Each day you can experience one of the many varieties of fresh fish, while enjoying a simple and quiet stay, unaffected by the troubles of the world.  Along the mountainside, you can discover the historic Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis, or enjoy a breathtaking view from the ruins of Venetian Castles overlooking the islands of Ios, Folegandros and Santorini.


Tinos is the most significant Greek center of religious tourism.  The capital and main port of the island, also known as Tinos, is a commercial port with great tourist activity due to the Monastery of "Panaghia Evanghelistria" which houses the miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary, one of the three painted by St. Luke.  The island is also famous for its unique style of small dovecotes, as well as its local taverns and island cuisine


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